Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stone, Brick, or both?

We have been told that the "digger" will be digging by Monday...I'm not going to hold my breath, BUT if it happens we have to make some quick decisions. We originally thought we would want a brick and stone front for our home. However, now we may want just stone, so we need to quickly decide: brick and stone, just stone, or just brick? If we decide brick and stone, the builder has to pour a brick ledge, if we don't want brick and he pours a brick ledge we are essentially throwing moola out the window...

Here is our inspirational color combo photo
Granted this house only has a little stone but we LOVE the siding color, too bad this type of siding is 3x the cost of vinyl siding. At any rate, here are some types of stone we like, keep in mind our siding is light gray, with black/gray shingles (similar to the photo avove). The stone/brick company can customize the stone to basically be any colors we just need to choose the type we like best!

1) Stone Type: Mountain Ledge

2) Cobblestone/Lime Combo

3)Not sure what type of stone. This was recently done

We like the dark gray on this post.

4) Cut Lime-This is their custom-colored stone-you can see the home owner used colors from the brick color in the stone!

5)I believe this is Limestone- (sorry to pic is crooked, I refused to get out of the car for fear someone would see me being a stalker)
Entire House

6) Another Limestone and this house is ridiculous!

We saw a LOT more homes, brick, and stone. I like all of the 6styles. I believe I AM leaning towards #6, but it could be because the house was GORGEOUS. It's crunch time, I leave Monday for the week..looks like we should make an appointment ASAP with the Brick & Stone company! What do you think we will do?

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